More than your employer

We at iteefy want to be more than just your employer.
Our goal is to give you all the tools and support you
need to become your own best version. 

Tired of working on the
same topics over and over?

With us you’ll be exposed to exciting
challenges across different industries. 

You’re afraid of working with
changing teams?

We’ll be at your side every step of the way and
will help you with every problem you have. 

You want to improve your workflow and
get insight by industry-leaders?

With a yearly learning budget you’ll be able
to choose your own way of improving.
In addition to this we’ll connect you with
leaders that will give you useful insights.

You have a special
need or interest?

Just ask us and we’ll try to make it happen.


  • More than your usual HR support
  • Insurance package
  • Health App Membership
  • Team Events
  • Learning budget
  • Competitive salary

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